About Us

About Daveren German Pinschers

Our Mission

To preserve and promote the German Pinscher for future generations to enjoy. To maintain the German Pinscher as a healthy breed with solid structural and mental soundness. To educate potential German Pinscher owners about the breed & assist in determining suitability. Matching each of our puppies with the best family for that puppy.

About Daveren

Daveren is a “kennel name” or registration prefix established by AKC Breeder of Merit Jill Eastman. Any dogs proudly named with the Daveren prefix were proudly bred by Jill & lovingly raised in her home. Daveren is located in the open desert plains at the base of the Sandia mountains East of Albuquerque New Mexico.

All Daveren puppies are offered the best start in life by being born from parents who are fully health screened with passing scores. Healthy parents have the best chance at producing healthy offspring! All of our dogs are our companions every day of the week and show dogs on the occasional weekends. Our dogs live in our home (sleep in my bedroom) and get plenty of opportunity to run and exercise on our 10 acres of land. The parents and puppies are offered all the best care including a premium diet and exercise. Our adults & puppies are fed a combination of top quality grain-free kibble & raw foods. We feed a half kibble & half raw food diet to our dogs. Our puppies are born in our home and are constantly handled and loved. Our puppies are also allowed lots of exercise and walks with us and the adult dogs.

The Beginnings

I have been an animal lover all my life. I begged my parents for all sorts of pets as a child (from hamsters to cats to rabbits to ferrets to rats to fish to dogs).  Luckily I had supportive animal loving parents so as a child I had every pet imaginable. I even had a hamster breeding program when I was a teenager. Although I am still an all around animal lover, as I got older my devotion and heart was primarily with dogs. I got my 1st  “own dog” as a  high school student and had another soon after (a Boston Terrier “Kosher” and a Keeshond “Dalton”). I graduated high school and went on to pursue a degree in Animal Science which I easily attained graduating Summa Cum Laude. It was during a college internship that I was introduced to the dog show world. I was immediately hooked and have been showing dogs ever since.

Four of my home bred DAVEREN German Pinschers winning big at the German Pinscher Club of America Regional Specialty the day before our National in 2019

I am on the RIGHT with 4 of my home bred DAVEREN German Pinschers winning big at the German Pinscher Club of America Regional Specialty the day before our National in 2019. (Left to Right) Nelson Best of Breed, his son Rhett Select Dog, Jewel Select Bitch, & Butter Winners Bitch. Trent Wilkinson pictured in the middle joined the Daveren team in 2013 & his expert handling in the ring and eye for a dog has made Daveren a stronger team!

Jill with 2 of her home bred Champion Daveren German Pinschers at a CAT Trial

Jill with 2 of her home bred Champion Daveren GPs at a CAT Trial

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Where We Have Been

My first two dogs were purely companion dogs. I did train my Keeshond “Dalton” through the Utility level of obedience. My 1st conformation show dog was a Keeshond (Midas - CH Keeplays Exit the King) and I became very devoted to that wonderful breed for many years, breeding several Champions of my own. After moving to the desert of the Southwestern USA the Keeshond coat became difficult to maintain for show (especially with my active outdoor lifestyle of hiking and jogging). I began to look for a medium sized dog like the Kees but with less hair. I then discovered the German Pinscher! This breed has the athleticism I wanted along with being a more protective breed which suited me with all of my solo travel to dog shows and staying in highway side hotels. I got on a waiting list and my first German Pinscher finally arrived in 2005 (Devin - CH Oakwoods Starlette). I fell totally in love with this dog! The German Pinscher was a perfect fit!

I have successfully established a small hobby breeding program based around my passion & love of German Pinschers and the desire to preserve, improve and promote this breed. Daveren currently has well over three dozen home bred Champions, those include National Specialty & Westminster Best of Breed winning dogs. Several of which also have working titles. Daveren has had a dog (or several dogs) ranked in the top 20 German Pinschers in the USA for many years. We have had the #1 German Pinscher in the USA for 7 years running: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019. We are also proud that we have bred multiple group placing & group winning dogs (owner handled as well as professionally handled).

Trent Wilkinson joined in the Daveren team in 2013 campaigning my first #1 dog Tai. He and I have since become partners and he does an awesome job representing the dogs in the show ring and with assisting raising the puppies at our home. It is great to have a life partner that enjoys German Pinschers as much as I do!

Where We Are Going

Our focus looking forward is continued improvement with each generation we breed. The parents of each of our litters are chosen and combined in attempt to improve the breed and the gene-pool for the future. We are very focused on the structural & mental integrity of the breed. This is a working breed and should be able to move freely with agility and speed. The legs should be straight and feet sound. Temperaments should be strong & sound but easy to live with when given proper training and exercise.

Maintaining a small in home breeding program based on health, temperament and beauty has always been our focus and will continue to be. We also love our dogs as family and each one is appreciated, loved & enjoyed.

We hope you enjoy our site and find some of the information helpful! Please check back often for updates!

- Jill Eastman & Trent Wilkinson
Daveren German Pinschers
New Mexico, USA

My two wonderful foundation bitches

My two wonderful foundation bitches are pictured above. I owe all of my success to these two lovely girls. I fell in love with them & as a result with the breed as a whole. One of these two girls are in the pedigrees of most Daveren dogs.

CH Oakwoods Starlette "Devin" (Left)
GCH CH Angelsun Reisenable Dream "Kylie" (Right)

Jill Eastman & Trent Wilkinson with Nelson & Pink at the 2015 GPCA NATIONAL SPECIALTY

Jill & Trent with Nelson & Pink at the 2015 GPCA NATIONAL SPECIALTY.

Nelson's mother PINK won an AWARD OF MERRIT.
Pink was the #1 German Pinscher in the USA that year.