Adoption Application

The information you provide will be used to help determine compatibility of the breed or a specific puppy/dog with you & your family. It is our mission to provide families with the perfect puppy for them & place our dogs in wonderful homes. The info provided will not be shared or given away without your permission.

*Please take the time to read our webpage “About German Pinschers” before completing this application. It covers a lot of information about the breed. We are happy to answer questions and assist in providing breed information but first please take the time to read the basic breed info we have provided on this website. Thanks :)

A Daveren German Pinscher Puppy Adoption Fee is $3,500 USD

Ear Cropping is Available at through our Vet at Additional Charge.

Full Name
Your Occupation
Phone Number(s)
Mailing Address & Physical Address
Email Address
How did you find out about us?
What type of puppy are you interested in? Gender and color. Female - Black & Tan
Female - Red
Female - Any Color
Male - Black & Tan
Male - Red
Male - Any Color
Red - Any Gender
Black & Tan - Any Gender
No Preference
Are you open to a different color/gender than you listed above? If so please list.
Would you like to have a puppy with cropped ears or natural ears? I want my puppy's ears cropped
I want a puppy with natural ears
I am open to either
I am undecided t this time
Are you interested in a puppy or an adult? Only a Puppy
Only an Adult
Will consider a Puppy or Adult
How soon are you looking to get your new puppy? (for example with in the next year, month etc..)How flexible are you on the timeframe?
Why are you interested in this breed?
Have you owned a dog before? Do you still have the dog? If not what happened to it?
Do you currently have any pets living in the household? If yes, please list the type of pets (if a dog list the breed)ages, & gender of pets.
Is everyone in your household in agreement on adding a new puppy to the family? Yes
Has not been discussed
Not Sure
Do you have any children that live in the household or visit on a regular basis? Please list the ages if children. If the children are visitors please indicate the frequency of their visits.
Please check the box that best describes your current home. Apartment (Flat)
Do you rent your home or own it? I Rent my Home
I Own My Home
If you rent your home does your landlord allow you to have pets? Yes
Have not discussed
Please check the box that best describes your property. Small fenced yard
Large fenced yard
Small yard no fence
Large acreage no fence
No yard
Please describe how you will exercise your dog.
Are you willing to have your dog spayed/neutered by the age of 12 months? Yes - I want to spay/neuter my dog
No - I do not want to spay/neuter my dog
No - I plan to breed my dog
I am unsure
How many hours per day will your dog be left alone?
Where will he be left when you are not home?
Where will your puppy sleep at night?
Are you familiar with crate training? If not I can provide you with info. Yes, I have crate trained a dog before.
Yes, I have heard about it but never done it
I am not sure
No, I am unfamiliar with crate training
No, I do not like crate training & will not do it
What are your plans for your new dog? Family Pet
Hiking/Jogging Buddy
Conformation Shows
Search and Rescue
Therapy Dog
Under what circumstances would you not be able to keep your dog? New Baby
New Relationship
Expensive Vet Bill
Housebreaking Issues
Poor Behavior (barking, chewing, jumping etc.)
Too Much Shedding Hair & Mess to Clean
I would always Keep my Dog & work on any problems we may encounter
To grow into a great family pet, puppies need training at an early age. Classes are usually 6-8 weeks long and meet once a week for an hour. Classes are usually available through a local pet store, kennel club or private instructor and cost around $100. Are you willing to attend a puppy kindergarten class or basic obedience class with your puppy?
Dogs need yearly health checkups and sometimes get sick or hurt and require Veterinary care. Veterinary care can be very expensive. An average health exam will run $100 & an unexpected broken leg could cost $1500 to repair. Do you have the money to spend on Vet visits when needed?
German Pinschers can easily live up to and beyond 15 years. Do you intend to keep this dog for it's lifetime?
If you could no longer keep your dog would you be willing to surrender the dog back to me?
If we do not have a puppy/dog currently available that meets your requirements would you allow us to forward your information to other German Pinscher breeders that we trust and think could have a puppy that would meet your needs? Yes - Please forward my info to a breeder you trust that has puppies available.
No - We do not want our info forwarded to any other party.
Thank you for taking the time to complete my Questionnaire. Do you have any other info you would like to add or questions for me?

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