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About Rose

Basic Information:

Sire: DJ Horst Von Der Schwalmaue (Germany)
Dam: Legendorf Sylvia Sandora (Russia)
Breeder: Legendorf German Pinschers - Russia
Date of Birth: August 26th, 2014
Height: About 18.5”
Weight: About 32lbs

Health Screening:

vWD: Clear by DNA (DDC)
Eyes: OFA Normal January 2017 (USA & Russia)
Heart: Vet Checked Normal USA
Hips: A Rating - Russia (Normal)
Elbows: 0 Rating Rusia (Normal)
Dilute: Clear by DNA (DDC)
Brown: Unknown
No Vaccination Reaction
Rose has a Correct Scissors Bite with Complete Dentition.

Show Highlights:

Rose comes to the USA as a Junior Champion of Russia! She hits the rings in the USA and earns her Champion title in 4 weekends of shows with 4 major wins!

Rose's Story:

Rose arrived here in January of 2017 from Russia. I could not be more pleased with this dog! She confidently stepped off the airplane after several days of travel happy to see me. She came into my home & immediately got along with all the dogs here. She is so well tempered and fits in with my dogs & home perfectly. She also has the beautiful good looks to match her awesome personality. She has beautiful movement with excellent carriage. She has lovely proportions & a solid level topline. I love Rose! We have breeding plans for her spring 2017 & I can wait to see her offspring! Stay tuned for plans!

Rose shows for her 1st weekend in the USA & picks up a major win!

Rose Finishing Her American Champion Title in the Fall of 2017

Rose in the USA at 2 Years of Age

Rose's Pedigree: