Daveren Puppy Photos

First off we want to thank each & every person who has opened their homes and hearts to offer our puppies super perfect loving homes! Who doesn’t LOVE a great puppy photo? This page is dedicated to all the little ones born in our home. They grow up all too fast so we always make sure to take lots of pics! Cute cute cute! Enjoy the pics!

First Looks!

Puppies are pictured just after birth

The First 3 Weeks of Life

Eyes open around 2 weeks of age

Puppy's First Meal

3-4 Weeks of Age

Weeks 5-7

Growing fast & looking like "real puppies"!

Weeks 8-12

The end of the road with us & the beginning of their new adventure in their new homes!
A HUGE thanks for all the great folks that have opened their homes and hearts to our puppies!